Medical Office Cleaning in Houston

Your Houston medical organization relies on a crisp clean image to attract clients and eliminate the spread of pathogens and hospital-acquired infections. Purified Cleaning Solutions offers a full suite of customized medical office cleaning solutions tailored to you.

Take advantage of our value pricing options, and explore ways to reduce costs without cutting any corners. We take our responsibility for the safety and health of your facility very seriously. Each of our staff is certified, trained up to date, licensed and insured. After undergoing hours of additional safety, confidentiality and medical grade cleaning accreditations, and years of experience, we are confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations. We guarantee:

  • Exceptional project management and attention to detail.
  • Meticulous execution of all specialized cleaning instructions including medical equipment cleaning.
  • Transparent quotes that don’t contain hidden fees.
  • Quality control checks and supervision.
  • Respect for your business, clients, and the privacy of all.
  • Our technicians will arrive on time, prepared to work quickly and efficiently.

Better Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Expecting regular office cleaning professionals to carry out complex medical facility cleaning services is a big mistake. Without the use of hospital grade chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and fungus can be spread around your facility and undetectable to the naked eye. Protect yourself, your patients and their families with our premium medical office cleaning and hospital housekeeping services. These include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Terminal cleaning
  • Spill and contaminant cleanups
  • Specialized equipment cleaning
  • Patient room cleaning
  • Medical reception and waiting area sanitization
  • Kitchen and break room cleaning
  • Hospital grade waste collection and proper disposal of soiled linens, sharps, etc.
  • Hospital grade disinfectants to kill bacteria and fungus
  • Horizontal surface disinfection and wipe downs
  • Floor care: carpet cleaning, spot treatments, mopping, vacuuming, polishing
  • Detailing door handles, elevator buttons, telephones, and other common surfaces
  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Touchpoint disinfections
  • Air duct vent and air handler cleaning

Deep Hospital Cleaning Services

When patients and their loved ones enter your premises, the last thing they want to see is an unsightly mess, spills, debris, grime, and clutter. Medical professionals are held to a much higher standard than professionals in other industries. This keeps clients, doctors, nurses, medical support staff, and anyone visiting safe from the possibility of catching a harmful, yet preventable diseases like pneumonia.

Economical Commercial Cleaning Services

Reaching your goals and keeping your infection control plan consistent doesn’t have to break your budget. We are able to pass the savings on to your by maintaining excellent relationships with our suppliers and using the latest technology and cleaning techniques to produce efficient results. Choose from a variety of executive commercial cleaning services backed by established professionals. With years of medical cleaning under our belts, we’ve got the depth of experience, training, and tools to make your building shine from top to bottom.

We’ve formulated our janitorial cleaning services to work systematically to safely and properly remove pathogens from every surface in your facility. If you have specialized medical equipment you would like us to clean, we can work together to develop training plans to ensure your specialized instructions are followed exactly.

To arrange an appointment for a free consultation with Houston’s top recommended medical office cleaning team, give us a call today.